Buzz Around the Barnyard

Saturdays, June – October

9:00 am  — 1:00 pm
$45 up to 5 people or $10 per person

Explore the farm. We’ll show you our beehives, where our pollinators are busily turning blossoms into golden honey. Your children will see how vegetables grow, where eggs come from, and how turtles line up to bask on logs in the sun.

Our Barnyard Buddies are kid-friendly. Meet Rosie the llama, our ponies: Cotton Candy, Popcorn, and Sparkles, and the flocks of sheep, goats and chickens who call the farm home. Most of our resident animals are rescued, a policy we embrace.

We’re proud of our Wildlife Habitat Certification. It means that our farm, pond, and woods are recognized as a healthy place for wildlife to live and raise their young. Wander across our covered bridge and you may catch a glimpse of our less domesticated neighbors.

(Closed-toed shoes are required)

Phone (630) 269-4345